ExpressVPN Instructions

In order for this to work you must have an active express vpn account and be logged in.

  • Go to
  • Copy your username and password as you will need it later
  • Choose your region and country and click to download the .ovpn file
  • Go to and click your device name (assuming you have added a device already)
  • Select Custom (upload OpenVPN) and press the tick button
  • Choose file (the .ovpn file you just downloaded)
  • Enter a nickname for this such as ExpressVPN-1
  • Enter the username and password you copied before (this is NOT the same as your login details)
  • That’s it! After a minute your express VPN setup is complete.
I'm a VIPDNSCLUB member and things are not working well

If you have your VIPDNSCLUB DNS set on your primary router, or even on your computer or device, then Boundary Hopper will not function properly. Please remove it and use your Boundary Hopper as your primary device and all should work fine.

I've lost my device password and cannot log in to

Resetting your device is easy when you have physical access to it.

  • With your device powered on and both white lights on, you can simply hold the reset button
  • After 5 seconds the middle light will start to flash
  • After 10 seconds the middle light will flash rapidly

This is when you can let go. This will factory reset your device and turn off a light. Once it’s back with two white lights on you can then set up your device-specific password again.

I am unable to print

In order to print/interact with your usual printer, the printer must also be connected to your Boundary Hopper. This is because your Boundary Hopper creates its own completely isolated network. An alternative would be to simply switch your WiFi network to your original network that is connected with the printer when its time to print.

Where can I find the network key/password?

Please look at the bottom of your device for the section that says Key. This is your password to connect to your Boundary Hopper WIFI network.

How do I establish if my device is connected online?

Put simply, nothing will work if you cannot get your Boundary Hopper online. To ensure you are online before proceeding with the setup you can do the following.

  1. Ensure your device is on with both white lights on as well.
  2. Using your smartphone or computer, connect to the WIFI network called BoundaryHopper.
  3. Once connected visit in your browser.
  4. Either enter or create your password
  5. On the next screen, you will either have all green showing you are connected to the internet or red showing you are not.

If you are connected, then you are all good to proceed to to choose your service. If it is red and using a cable is not working out for you then you can simply follow the instructions on the screen to connect to an existing WIFI connection instead.

What options do I have to power my device?

The best solution when you travel is to have a power bank that you bring with you. Not only is this handy when recharging your phone on the go, but it also makes a great power source for your Boundary Hopper if you need it. We managed to power our Boundary Hopper for 4 days straight using a 20,000mAH power bank.

What is the family filter?

All devices that connect to your Boundary Hopper will not be able to visit or search for any pornographic material, or violent material regardless of the browser or app they are using. Toggling the family filter on or off may result in the device needing to be restarted for an immediate effect to take place.

The internet on my device is not working or slow? (FACTORY RESET)

If you are having connectivity issues with your Boundary Hopper then below are a few things you can try to get it back and running smoothly.

  1. Login to on a browser while connected to the network and click the reboot option. Wait until the device is on with both white lights and try again.
  2. If still no luck then there is a possibility your service you are connecting to is slow or not working. If connected to the Boundary Hopper service, try choosing another country and seeing if that helps. Or if you are with another service try uploading a new configuration file and see if that works too.
  3. As a last step, if nothing is working, there is a chance some corruption has happened.
    a. Login to and delete your device from your My Devices list.
    b. Login to on the Wi-Fi network and choose the factory reset option
    c. Once it comes back online you can add the device through and add your service again and everything should be up and running. If not, then please contact support.
Help! My hotel wants me to manually login

Some hotels make it even harder for you to connect via Wi-Fi by redirecting you to a login page. This creates hassles for your device and in some cases will make it not connect to the internet. If you have a reasonably new android smartphone, or windows 10 laptop then you are in luck! Just login on your device, connect, and then create your own hotspot and have the boundary hopper connect to that.

Windows 10 Instructions

  1. Make sure you are connected to the hotel Wi-Fi and have manually logged on
  2. Press the windows key and type mobile hotspot and press enter
  3. Choose to share your internet connection from Wi-Fi
  4. Make sure the network band is 2.4GHz
  5. Switch from Off to On

Android Instructions

  1. Make sure you are connected to the hotel Wi-Fi and have manually logged on
  2. Click Settings, search for hotspot and click hotspot and tethering
  3. Click Wi-Fi Hotspot and choose a name and password and turn it on

You can now connect to this hotspot instead of the hotel Wi-Fi on your device and it will work as per usual.

I’ve arrived at my hotel now what?

Let’s cover some steps to get your online ASAP.

  1. Step one let’s try find an ethernet port. In more traditional hotels this will be around the desk area, for back in the days when WIFI was not common. If you find a port, you are in luck! Plug in your cable into the port and into the WAN port on your device, power on the device and you are done!
  2. No obvious port? Time to look closer, commonly behind the TV there will be an ethernet port to provide the TV with an internet connection. If you can spot one there you can plug it out of the TV and into the wan port of your device. This is also a good time to use a spare USB port on the TV to power your device.
  3. No ports in sight? That is ok follow the below steps to connect via Wi-Fi
  • Plugin your boundary hopper and wait a couple of minutes
  • Using your mobile device or laptop connect to the Wi-Fi and then go to
  • From here choose connect to WIFI and choose your hotspot
  • Enter your password and connect and you are ready to go!
I’ve arrived at my Airbnb now what?

The team here at Boundary Hopper have travelled around the world and this is what we do!

  1. First let’s look for a router, this will be the quickest way to get up and running. Search around the TV for the router, or entry cupboards. Some hosts will actually try to hide the router so it’s a mission to find it.
  2. If you can find the router you are in luck. Plug your ethernet cable into a spare port on the router and then plug the other end of the cable into your WAN port on your device. If the router has a USB port, this is a bonus and you can use this as your power source. You will now be online and all your devices online with no pesky passwords.
  3. If there is no router insight then the host should have provided you with login details.
  1. Plugin your boundary hopper and wait until two white lights are on
  2. Using your mobile device or laptop connect to the Wi-Fi and then go to
  3. From here choose connect to WIFI and choose your hotspot
  4. Enter your password and connect and you are ready to go!