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Why Boundary Hopper?
Secure your home office with a single WiFi hotspot. Choose from any of our world-class servers from around the globe. Boundary Hopper is also compatible with all of the most popular VPN services, as well as any corporate VPN that may be provided through the company network.
Small & Portable
Our Hopper fits in your pocket and requires only USB power to operate. Plug it into a WiFi router, TV, or laptop USB port.
Simple Setup
Setup is complete in under 5 minutes. Simply create an account on your smartphone by scanning your Hopper’s QR code, and link your devices with a few simple taps.
Family Filter
One Hopper protects the entire family, even beyond your home office. With a setting to block malicious content, your home transforms into a safe online space for your children.
Automatic Updates
Our Hopper is a busy bunny, keeping itself automatically updated with the latest firmware, keeping you safe, secure, and carefree!
Up to 5x faster
Our built-in technology uses Wireguard, a cutting-edge VPN solution. Enjoy lightning speeds and state-of-the-art encryption from the comfort of your home office or hotel.
Your VPN or Ours
Choose your own VPN provider, or choose from one of our world-class VPN servers from around the globe.
We accept all major credit cards + Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay +Express global shipping
Our VPN Plans
business class
first class
Web application
Go to and create an account or login to your existing account.
Plug your device into your router by finding a spare port on your router and plugging the included cable into your WAN port on your Boundary Hopper device.
Click the + button to add a new device, choose your service and Enjoy!
Our clients say

I simply cannot travel without my Boundary Hopper. One small device and I am able to plug it in anywhere in the world and access all my favorite work and leisure services from back home!

Stuart Y

I have read many articles on why I needed a VPN, but was not interested in technically setting it all up. Now that I have a little device that does this for me… I couldn’t be happier!

Lisa K
USA (Florida)

Travelling with the family (3 kids) is challenging to say the least! Having one device that all our devices connect to makes things so much easier when we arrive. The family filter works perfectly too!


Chris C

As a digital nomad that travels the world most of the year I am always connecting to public wi-fi spots and am usually concerned about my privacy. Now with my Boundary Hopper, I tell it to connect to the wi-fi hotspot and all my devices are encrypted and secure, cool!

Larry C
Currently Bali